Take Care

Our first words are words of support and appreciation.


Words of support for those who are ill or have sick family members in result of COVID 19.

Words of appreciation for those who are working hard to save lives.


A warm hug, on behalf of all members of the Windland Tours, to everyone who lost loved ones in result of this infection.


Our next words are for Travelers

There is no need to panic... but these difficult times require common sense and a lot of social responsibility.


We, Portuguese, continue to live our daily life with tranquility. However, preventive measures have been taken. Such as: closing schools and restricting access to places of entertainment, culture and leisure, in order to avoid crowds.


So, double check your travel notes. Some of the highlights, monuments or museums may be, temporarily close or having conditioned access. Also: restaurants, terraces or cafés.


Portugal has 169 confirmed cases of COVID19 - in 10 million inhabitants - don’t forget to check also the regions most affected.


Once again, serenity and prevention are the key words.

It is important to comply with all rules of respiratory and hygiene etiquette.


Hopping better times will come  

Truly yours, Windland.