About us

A true passion for Portugal and projects that make difference

Windland Tours - our company - receive and guide its guests offering them unique experiences.  Experiences that help them to create timeless memories.

Our country is so small comparing to others however offers such a diversity of natural landscapes - from north to south, beauty is revealed all over; international recognition, in the mastery of the built heritage. 

What about values? "Human and Fraternal"it is said about portuguese. Our staff is no different!

With this same essence, we share a portuguese table with you, family and friends. On a trip... food is always important. Right?! In every portuguese nod, you will find a full-hand cook who brings the flavors of the ocean to life; soul to good wines and maintains the healthy habits of the Mediterranean diet at the splash of seasoning.

A safe country. Full of sun, life and people.

 Portuguese have made a unique historical journey that still connects us to all parts of the world. 

With an experienced team, knowledgeable and able to make the best choices... would be unthinkable, not to create great experiences. How could we not?

We escort our guests from the first minute at their own pace. Advise and provide travel planning. Our company always choose the best local partners as thematic itineraries or tailor made overnight several day tours, all over Portugal.

Finally, but not least... Windland Tours honor in an ethical and sustainable way Portuguese resourcesPortugal - one of the oldest countries in Europe. 

We have a true passion. Our guests fall in love with our country.

All of them became regular costumers, suggesting ours services to family and friends, over and over... We are grateful and motivated to continue through times. 

Some of them even became new friends!

Our Team

This is Gonçalo.

Born in the historic village of Batalha. The unique atmosphere of this village led him to develop a great passion for history.

Since his youth, he has always been passionate about sports and nature. Still addicted to both!

He has experience in leading teams, promoting Portugal and welcoming our visitors.

He is also a co-founder of the company. Manage your reservations and always have good advice on creating Windland Tours products.

“Commitment” and “Communication” are the keywords of his life. Those who know him can only say that he is a good storyteller not only about Portugal but also about several countries he has visited.

In his spare time, he never says no to a good book, a specific training or a big laugh between family and friends, allways around a nice portuguese table.

Let me introduce Diana... 

Tomar, Templar city – she has always been passionate about this city and its history. 

Perhaps this was one of the reasons  that she chose  Touristic  and Cultural Management as an academic degree , when time came.

Another reason might have been the unattractive idea of ​​working inside doors. She really loves natural light, outdoor activities and socializing with others.

She says that she feels privileged to be able to travel around the Portugal and sharing it with visitors from all over the world.She loves what she does.

Photography and drawing are the leisure activities she prefers. This is a good thing because she is the one who design and manage our image and brand in this virtual world.

... but it's her family that makes her heart melt. Lovely! 

... and I am Vera. I've been introducing the other permanent members Windland Tours team. 

I’m responsible for producing Windland Tours content and products. As Gonçalo and Diana, i also share the same passion for Portugal and joy for working in Windland Tours. Actually, i’m also the other founder of this company.  

Open heart. Open mind. Open smile – that’s me since 1972, Lisbon, 9 a.m.

During winter time I like to refresh and develop my skills as an Historian - participating in seminars or debates; doing some research, too.

But i also like to forget about the rest of world and just relax by the fireplace; listening music; reading or  watching movies with my family.

Between european winter destinations with friends and good laughs or nature walks by myself - energies are definitely, restored for a new season! New visitors, regular costumers and sometimes… new friends!