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Portugal: Roots

Visiting Portugal is looking for its essence and its authenticity. Its origins ...

10 days/from 970€

Portuguese Roots  

Lisboa, Évora, Cascais, Sintra, Óbidos, Nazaré, Batalha. 

Fátima, Tomar, Coimbra, Porto, Barcelos, Braga, Guimarães

A trendy destination, as Portugal is, don't have to mean being in the crowd or tourist traps. Portuguese Roots is an overnight multi-day tour with an experient guide to assist you and make sure your stay in our country is the most friendly and charming one - whether you're looking for culture, beautiful beaches, sweeping views, relaxation, or some adventure.  10 days discovering an authentic Portugal. Its birthplace and soul.  Always with privacy, comfort and at your own pace

From small villages and towns to Lisbon and Porto city historic center; from traditional gastronomy experiences to charming romantic regions; from Big Waves in the ocean to friendly, warm people: This Portugal. This is us!  

A great experience with a true Portuguese soulEmbrace your visit without worry.


Day 1 - Lisboa. Cascais


Starting our day at 9h 30m

First we'll visit one of the coolest neighborhoods of Lisbon and the oldest, too - Alfama

Narrow streets and alleys, with a medieval Moorish heritage. Here you'll have a scenic view from the top of the hill

Descending the slopes to Pombaline downtown you'll have a scenic view of the inteire city. After the big Earthquake, in 1755, the medieval Lisbon in ruins was redesigned with a geometrical pattern, large avenues and well organized neighborhoods. Here, you can count with lovely shops and 18th buildings full of charm.

Now we're next the Lisbon's waterfront, going to Belém district. We  anticipate the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, the Monastery of Jerónimos and the Tower of  Belém, in a modern city full of life and color.

Classified by UNESCO in 1983, the Monastery of Jerónimos was built by Dom Manuel I in the 16th century. This monument is essential to appreciate the Manueline style - sailing knots, ropes, ringed spheres, crosses of the Military Order of Christ and naturalistic features - exclusive of Portugal and celebrating the Age of Discoveries. 

The Tower of Belém was in the past a protection and river defense structure. It was classified by UNESCO in 1983 as a World Heritage Site. This defensive structure, in the river estuary, surprises with its decoration. Once again, Manueline. 

What about a short break full of flavor? Let's go and try the pastry of Belém in the ancient and famous Pastéis de Belém Shop.  It´s the only place where you can try this secret recipe that guarantees you a unique but unforgettable experience.

In the afternoon we will visit the captivating and glamorous village of Cascais. An excellent choice for walking on Portuguese pavement, breathing fresh air; enjoying the transparent sea, the bay, the fortress and the picturesque historic center.


Overnight in Lisbon.

Day 2 - Évora

Évora is one of the most enchanting cities to visit in Portugal and a unique portuguese experience with ancient traditions. 

An easy and relaxed walking tour in narrow lanes flanked by low houses, with the typical colors of rural architecture: white and yellow; white and blue with enormous chimneys.

Even before reaching the Cathedral, of the 12th century and the Roman Temple to Diana, though it was never dedicated to this goddess; the arcades that flanking Giraldo Square offer several terraces for spend time and sightseeing.

In the Cathedral, it is advisable to climb the terraces and see the vast Alentejo plain with its green or golden colors, depending on the time of year and the cork oaks - the famous cork tree. There is also the Aqueduct of Silver WaterChurch of Saint Francis and the Chapel of Bones to see.


We return to your hotel in Lisbon.

Day 3 - Sintra

Free morning

Sintra surprises you with places where Man and Nature have been living in a perfect relation through the ages, preserving the magic of Sintra Hill. 

Climbing the mountain by car we can see stunning green landscape and Pena Palace stands out, right in the middle, with its bold colors and Gothic/Renaissance decorative elements. 

At the top of the hill, the Moorish Castle. There we advise you to take a deep breath and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the surroundings. 

One of the most romantic places in Portugal. Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, in 1995. 

After a break, in the center of the romantic village of Sintra, we'll taste the traditional pastry Queijada de Sintra and the cherry-based liquor Ginjinha. Nice idea! The small street shops, full of charm; terraces and narrow streets invite you to lunch.

In the afternoon we'll visit the romantic village of Óbidos will welcome your evening. The sunset over the walls is fantastic.

Overnight in Óbidos

Day 4 - Óbidos. Nazaré. Batalha

Óbidos is a romantic village that has developed between walls and battlements and still displays its leafy castle. 

The streets are paved; the houses are whitewashed and blue. Geraniums and bougainvillea color the facades of shops, restaurants, cafes and terraces. Also known as Queen’s Village and Literary Village, however, is the Village Door and the no less famous Ginjinha - a cherry based liquor served in a chocolate cup. 


What can we say about this fishing village, with narrow streets that lead to the sea? Nazaré. Legends and processions that have been made here in the past;well still remain the spirit. The achievements of today's surfers who venture into giant waves, breaking world records - that's a highlight, for sure. Let's raise our cup to ancient Portuguese sailors and Navigators who crossed Oceans  and Seas and gave the world, new worlds in 15th and 16th centuries. 

In the village of Batalha you will find one of the most beautiful portuguese monuments - the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória - which presents itself as an authentic passport to travel through time: from the Middle Ages - with battles and conquests of the 14th century - to the Age of Discoveries.

Overnight in Fátima or Batalha. 

Day 5 - Fátima. Tomar

Starting the day as usual time.

Fátima: this city is more than a matter of faith. Visiting Fátima is a personal experience, in which Peace and Multiculturalism go hand in hand. 


Here, we'll introduce you to one of the most well known and cherished Marian Shrines; also, to its protagonists The Seers of Fátima: Lúcia, Jacinta, Francisco. After this visit the places of Aljustrel and  Valinhos: the birthplace of the little shepherds and their houses and a site associated with the apparitions.

The city of Tomar invites you to stroll along the banks of the Nabão river; to have a drink, in one of the streets and squares, with tile facades or Art Nouveau; or even, a walk through the medieval Jewish neighborhood. However it's the Knights Templar heritage that attracts most of our visitors. 

It will be in the Convent of Christ that we will find the gems of Templar's Order - such as the Templar Church, with an octagonal shape called “Charola”; memories of the Order of Christ; Henry The Navigator Discoveries Age; at its peak, Manueline Art; the specificity of Portuguese Renaissance architecture, Mannerism and Baroque. 

The Convent of the Order of Christ and the Templar Castle form a unique monumental ensemble. It was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1983.


Overnight in Batalha or Fátima.

Day 6 - Coimbra

 We'll visit the City of Knowledge as Coimbra is also known since the Middle Ages.

Bathed by the Mondego river, it is famous for its University and Joanine Library; students in their black cloaks and serenades; the Monastery of Santa Cruz of Coimbra - where the first King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, rests; the New Cathedral; the Old Cathedral and the historic center.

In this city, UNESCO classified the University of Coimbra - the oldest in Portugal [1290] and one of the oldest in Europe; the Joanine Library and Alta of Coimbra; as well as Sofia Street, in 2013.


Free afternoon to fully enjoy this city.

However, we suggest a visit to the Joanine Library.


Overnight in Coimbra.

Day 7 - Aveiro. Porto 

Aveiro - here we can feel the 19yh century bourgeois spirit along the streets and boulevard next to the water canals. Aveiro is the portuguese capital of Art Nouveau.


Elegant, romantic and graceful, this city is full of character. Buildings are covered with typical tiles; the balconies show the ironwork; the glass in the windows and bold  attract us.... But, the cherry on top of the cake, will be the water canals and the traditional boat ride in a Moliceiro boat. Aveiro is called the little Venice of Portugal. 


While your boat ride we recommend trying the famous egg and sugar pastry Ovos Moles - from the ancient feminine convents in Aveiro. 


Arriving in Porto, in a relaxed walking tour from the well known avenue The Allies to the old neighborhood of Ribeira; we'll pass through the Cathedral, Clerics Tower; Santa Catarina Street and its Majestic café; the famous São Bento Station with its mural of tiles  and the no less famous Lello Bookshop that inspired the world of Harry Potter. In front of the carmelite church we don't stay indifferent to the Fountain of Lions. We'll pass the Luis I Bridge with the touch of  Eiffel Studio, looking at the River Douro and the Rabelo Boats passing by. Gaia awaits us with its magnificent Port Wine Cellars and the most appetizing portuguese snacks, in the Gastronomic Market.


Overnight in Porto.

Day 8 - Porto. Douro Valley

Free morning in the city of Porto.

We continue our overnight multi-day tour in Alto Douro Wine Region - UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Land of green landscapes in summer and golden in winter. The slopes of the Douro River will not leave anyone indifferent - a magnificent landscape, shaped by man in shale terraces. 

We will take the road that connects the city of Régua to the town of Pinhão, considered by AVIS, World Best Driving Road - the best road in the world to drive! 

On this day we will visit a winery and stop at the nineteenth century Railway Station of Pinhão - well known for its very captivating tiles alluding to the Douro lands - more than three thousand tiles.

If you want to take a scenic boat trip on the river, a train ride on the river banks or a visit to the Port Wine Museum that can be arranged too. 

The traditional Douro grape varieties produced in the most harsh conditions give to the world unique and top quality wines recognized overtime through all the prizes won. 

Overnight in Porto.

Day 9 - Guimarães

In Guimarães we'll present you the birthplace of the Portuguese nation. 

The squares of the historic center - Praça da Oliveira and Praça de Santiago - flanked by facades that resemble medieval times and a drink will serve to recapture the strength and spirit of our visitors.


We will climb to the highest part, where is the Guimarães Castle - originated on the orders of the famous Countess Mumadona to build a fortress to protect the monks who lived, in a nearby monastery; and later, with the parents of the first King of Portugal, became residence and here was born Afonso Henriques. Next to the Castle, the São Miguel Church, where the first King of Portugal was baptized; the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza - a 15th century manor house with its collections of porcelain from the Indian Company, among other rarities.


The afternoon is free to make the most of this city classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


Overnight in Guimarães.

Day 10 - Barcelos. Braga. Porto

Last day of our multi-day tour. Missing it already?


First, Barcelos is a real jewel of the Minho region. The historic manor houses recall the medieval Portuguese cultural heritage. 

It is the birthplace of the Legend of the Rooster of Barcelos and considered one of the cities in which we find authentic Portuguese handicrafts. A real invitation to which are added the green spaces and terraces in the gardens and in the narrow but charming streets.


Braga - Here we find the oldest Cathedral in the country. The flowering Central and Liberty Avenues; the Raio Palace that will enchant you, with its intense blue tile facade; as well as all its historical center that makes us travel, sometimes, to the period of the Roman Empire. But the visit to Braga could not end without the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Braga where you can enjoy a wide view over this capital of the Minho region and the surrounding mountains.


We return to the city of Porto.


2 PERSONS - 3175€  | 3 PERSONS - 3650€  | 4 to 8 PERSONS - 970€ per person

CHILDREN up to 12 years - 100€

Additional information:

  • Minimum of 2 adults to make the tour
  • The duration of each day of guided tour is 8 hrs


  • Passenger and luggage transportation in SUV or Van, with AC
  • 10 days of private tour with guide service in Portuguese, English or Spanish
  • 2 free morning and 2 free afternoon
  • Daily bottle of water, 33 cl
  • Travel insurance
  • Beginning and end of the itinerary in Lisbon or Porto . It´s also possible to start and finish in the region of  Fátima - Tomar - Nazaré.

Not Included

  • Accommodation and meals  
  • Entrance fees to national monuments
  • Personal expenses
  • Everything not in the Included section