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Batalha. Alcobaça. Óbidos. Nazaré


8 hours/from 270€

Take the tour you want, the way that you want it!

Our full day tours are always private and from the first minute you just need to relax and enjoy the day - no matter if you are individually, in a family or a friends group


We customize the itinerary and the visits to meet your specific interests and wishes

We, as local guides, know the route and love our country. We know its History and stories to be told. The best spots for a nice picture or just to enjoy the view and take a deep breath; the best spots to enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal or a quick snack. 

It's always your choice... at your own pace. Always in good company; comfortable and safe





In the village of Batalha you will find one of the most beautiful Portuguese monuments - the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória.

This Monastery is also popularly known as Monastery of Batalha, alluding to the decisive Battle of Aljubarrota, between the Kingdom of Portugal and Castile - 1385 - from which Portugal emerged victorious and with a consolidated independence from Spain of nowadays. 

This magnificent building presents itself as an authentic passport for time travel: from the Middle Ages, to the  Age of Discoveries. Rest assured that this masterpiece of Gothic and stone lacy, Manueline - rehearsed in this place, for the first time, in Portugal, will surprise you, for sure. 

Classified by UNESCO in 1983.


A small and friendly town, in which the usual Portuguese convent pastries are not lacking, in all small cafes and terraces overlooking the Monastery of Alcobaça.

No less appealing in this city is the theme of the love experienced between King Dom Pedro and Inês de Castro. The Alcobaça Monastery is one of the most well-known European Cistercian abbeys

It was classified by UNESCO in 1989.

From the 12th century, and closely linked to the foundation and expansion of Portugal and its territory, it impresses visitors for its simplicity and light, but also for its greatness; the austerity of architectural features and the breathtaking details carved on  stone of the tombs of Pedro and Inês de Castro - two magnificent tombs built  to immortalized this tragic love.


Óbidos is a  medieval, romantic village that developed between walls. 

Narrow streets and sidewalks; the white houses with blue or yellow stripes; geraniums and bougainvilleas... all this add color and charm to the storefronts, restaurants, cafes and terraces. 


Though is very well known as Queen's Village or Literary Village the famous Main Gate of the Walls and no less famous cherry - based liquor Ginjinha - served in a chocolate cup - are the responsible ones to spread photos and the word about this village all over the world. 


What can we say about this fishermen village? After two beautiful monuments...

Enjoy the view and relax because the view from "Sítio da Nazaré" on the top of the cliff is just breathtaking. 

Nazaré. Legends and pilgrimages since Middle Ages; adventure with big waves and world surf records; a dazzling  view over the blue sea. 

This is a village of good people and good fish

Visitors are enchanted by the seven skirts that Nazarenas wear in their daily lives and the plaid of fishermen's clothes.

We also find in the hilltop the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré - from 17th century - where we have a painted wooden black Virgin statue - and the Ermida da Memória [a Memorial Chapel] built in 14th century where - according to a local legend this statue was found underneath and venerated by pilgrims, since then, through times. 

It's it believed that this statue was brought here from Mérida, in Spain, in 8th century.


2 PERSONS - 270€  | 3 PERSONS - 300€ | 4 to 8 PERSONS - 85€ per person

Children up to 12 - 50€

Additional information:

  • The tour starts at 9h30 
  • Minimum of 2 adults to make the tour
  • The duration of the tour with the guided visits is 8 hours


  • Passenger and luggage transportation in SUV or Van, with AC
  • 1 full day of private tour, with guide service, in Portuguese, English or Spanish
  • Daily bottle of water, 33 cl/pax
  • Travel insurance
  • Pickup and Drop Off in Fátima, Batalha, Alcobaça, Nazaré or Óbidos.
  • Pickup and Drop Off in Tomar or Leiria adds  60 € (per group) to the prices presented. 
  • This tour has the option of finishing or starting in Lisbon or Coimbra. Do your transfer while you're enjoying a full day day sightseeing - this adds  80 € (per group) to the prices presented. 

Not Included

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Tickets to National Monuments or any other
  • Personal expenses
  • Everything that is not described in the Included section