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8 hours/from 300€

Take the tour you want, the way that you want it!

Our full day tours are always private and from the first minute you just need to relax and enjoy the day - no matter if you are individually, in a family or a friends group. 


We customize the itinerary and the visits to meet your specific interests and wishes. 

We, as local guides, know the route and love our country. We know its History and stories to be told. The best spots for a nice picture or just to enjoy the view and take a deep breath; the best spots to enjoy a traditional Portuguese meal or a quick snack. 

It's always your choice... at your own pace. Always in good company; comfortable and safe.



A nice and easy walking tour through the old Moorish narrow streets in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city.

It survived to the Earthquake of 1755 and it's the right place to find the true soul of Portuguese neighbors. 

Going down the slopes of the Cathedral to the River Tejo the view it's jus dazzling... Why not a short break? We suggest the beautiful Portas do Sol belvedere. 

Saint Anthony's Church. Lisbon's Cathedral


This man of faith was born between 1191 and 1195. He's still esteemed by the portuguese and people all over the world. You know him as Saint Anthony of Pádua - religious and knowledgeable; a preacher of excellence.In this Church you can also visit the Crypt where you can see a relic of the Saint - authenticated by Bula.

Right next to Saint Anthony's Church the Cathedral of Lisbon. It is is believed to have been built on the site of an old Roman temple during the 12th century. 

A perfect Gothic style monument and Baroque work done in 17th and 18th centuries. Very well known for having also the the relics of St Vincent and for being the place where Saint Anthony was baptized. 

Pombaline Downtown 


Descending the slopes to Pombaline downtown you'll have a scenic view of the entire city. The yellow trams passing by...

After the big Earthquake, in 1755, the medieval Lisbon in ruins was redesigned with a geometrical pattern, large avenues and well organized neighborhoods.Here, you can count with lovely shops and 18th buildings full of charm; the triumphal arch in Rua Augusta and the scenic Cais das Colunas - the noble entrance into the city. 

Through times several heads of state and other prominent figures have arrived to Lisbon through Cais das Colunas - like Queen Elizabeth II. 

Monastery of Jerónimos. Tower of Belém 

Classified by UNESCO in 1983, the Monastery of Jerónimos was built by Dom Manuel I in the 16th century. This monument is essential to appreciate the Manueline style - sailing knots, ropes, ringed spheres, crosses of the Military Order of Christ and naturalistic features - exclusive of Portugal and celebrating the Age of Discoveries. 

The Tower of Belém was in the past a protection and river defense structure. It was classified by UNESCO in 1983 as a World Heritage Site. This defensive structure, in the river estuary, surprises with its decoration. Once again, Manueline. 

Monument of Discoveries

On the right bank of Tejo River, an imposing monument - The Monument to Discoveries

It was designed to the World Fair of 1940. Built to honor the Age of Discoveries and the Portuguese role on it - in a beautiful shape of a prow of a Caravel. The bravery and courage of Portuguese sailors and navigators during 15th and 16th centuries.

On the edge of the Caravel - Henry The Navigator. Behind him several historical, political, religious and cultural figures are represented. Also the shield of Portugal.

Near the monument, there is a Compass Rose with a diameter of 50 meters. 

Drawn on the floor a Map with all Portuguese Navigation through the World. 

Pastéis de Belém 

The famous Pastéis de Belém Shop.  

It´s the only place where you can try this secret recipe that guarantees you a unique but unforgettable experience.

In 19th century "Pasteis de Belém" began to be made in Belém - by someone connected to the Monastery - next to a sugar cane refinery. This age-old ‘secret recipe' from the Monastery start to be sold in a small shop, attempting to the Friars survive, when religious orders were extinguished in Portugal in 1834 - in result of Liberal Revolutions. 

The recipe of this famous and delicious pastry remained unchanged unattached to the Monastery til nowadays.

Time past and the recipe past from the hands of the Friars to a Portuguese family. Using traditional methods and preserving the secret Pastéis de Belém is definitely a highlight. 


2 PERSONS - 300€  | 3 PERSONS - 330€ | 4 to 8 PERSONS - 90€ per person

Children up 12 - 60€

Additional information:

  • The tour starts at 9h30 
  • Minimum of 2 adults to make the tour
  • The duration of the tour with the guided visits is 8 hours


  • Passenger and luggage transportation in SUV or Van, with AC
  • 1 full day of private tour, with guide service, in Portuguese, English or Spanish
  • Daily bottle of water, 33 cl/pax
  • Travel insurance
  • Pickup and Drop Off in Fátima, Batalha, Alcobaça, Nazaré or Óbidos.
  • Pickup and Drop Off in Tomar or Leiria, add 60 € (per group) to the prices presented. 
  • This tour offers you (for free) the transfer to Lisbon while you're enjoying a full day sightseeing  

Not Included

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Tickets to National Monuments or any other
  • Personal expenses
  • Everything that is not described in the Included section